Sustainable Investments

The concept of ‘Sustainable Investment’ is getting increasingly challenging to scope and comprehend. However, the risks and opportunities are real and the impacts on company’s financials and operations are definitive. The fiduciary role of the investment managers are also evolving. While investing to address the return requirements of the investors, the wider bench mark is towards overall social and economic well being of the community, which in turn will make the company sustainable in the socio-economic environment it exists.

At Endeavour, we use our expertise to assist in mapping the ‘material’ factors that may impact the company and assist in building the data sets and analytics around it. The data aggregation and analytics support is provided by our associate, Turnkey Projects, Singapore. The idea is to use a cross section of standards and customize it to the company’s needs. The risks and opportunities change based on the industry; geography and unique operating conditions of the company.

For private equity and investment funds, we can assist in identifying the ESG risks and opportunities across the portfolio in comparable, quantitative and dashboard format. For government entities, the material data can be used to dispense regulation or allocation of resources. For companies, it will be part of regulatory compliance, stakeholder communication and underlying opportunities.

The future is in building the predictive capability in comprehending ESG risks and opportunities, than merely using it as a compliance requirement.

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