Dr Mohammad Russel

Dr. Russel is currently a lecturer at the School of Food, Environmental Science and Technology at the Dalian university of Technology in China. Prior to that, he was a senior environmental specialist for Easen International, where he worked on sustainable waste management projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, The World Bank and USAID.

He has a solid professional background, with extensive experience in environmental science and engineering. His areas of research include pollution control, sewage treatment, environmental planning and management, environmental risk assessment, hazardous materials, bio-safety, environmental science, environmental engineering, environmental toxicology, enzyme immunoassay and ADB monitoring.

Dr. Russel also worked for the United Nations in New York with their Environmental Sustainable Development Group in the lead up to and during the Rio + 20 conference. He helped develop programs for sound chemical waste management, climate change & sustainable urban environmental development.

Originally from Bangladesh, Russel has been based in China for the last 8 years, both researching and teaching at the University. His work takes him all over the world, including projects in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the USA, Slovenia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, India, Australia and Japan.

He has also lived in New Zealand, where he was a research fellow at AgResearch, our largest CRI. While there he worked on the design of an electromagnetic sensor for the detection of bacterial cells and understanding their dielectric properties for environmental risk assessment.

Dr. Russel gained his PhD and M.S in Environmental Science and Engineering from China University of Geosciences. His PhD thesis title was “Studying the Geo-Microbial Behaviours of Envrionmental Pollutants Using Combine Method.”

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