Jiayi Li


Jiayi Li joined Endeavour Capital as International & Regional Chief Operating Officer, China and Southern Africa in 2017. His principle focus is trading petroleum products with special emphasis on China, South East Asia and Sub Sahara Africa.

He has negotiated many large deals ranging across LPG, refined products, petroleum coke, crude oil, coal as well as dore gold.  Jiayi Li’s close relationship with Endeavour capital and Sir Neville Jordan has been a key element in his success in commodity trading. His extensive network in the global commodities trading industry is a valuable asset which he has continually nurtured and successfully leveraged.

Jiayi Li’s outgoing personality and excellent command of English and German along with his native Mandarin and translation ability has helped him to develop and manage strategic commercial relationships in various industries that have been crucial to his continued success.

Before joining Endeavour Capital Jiayi Li held advisory and management roles with various precious mineral mines within the Southern African Development Community region. In addition, he has operated several successful mines in the same region. Prior to this Jiayi worked as a General Manager with a mining service company where he led the increase of sales in its mine plant import and export business as well as expansion into new markets.

Jiayi Li was born in China and moved to Zimbabwe in his early teenage years. He splits his time between Zimbabwe and China.   Jiayi Li holds Degrees in Economics and German Linguistics from Georg-August Universität Gottingen in Germany and a Diploma in Computer Science from NCC Education in the United Kingdom.

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