High Value Trading & Ventures

Connecting Enterprises that Span International Borders

High Value Trading in Petroleum products

To augment our international network we have formed strong alliances with large refineries, exit buyers, mandates and banks to facilitate trading in precious commodities.


We pursue innovative relationships.  Seeking to go beyond the traditional value-add we concentrate on value-multiplication. Through the combination and collaboration of proven creative enterprises.  Endeavour has longstanding local and international connections into public and private businesses, research institutions and governments and we leverage these to launch proven business models into key markets around the world.

International access

Through our ventures, we also offer international businesses access to the New Zealand market, offering global players access to the exciting opportunities emerging from our science, engineering, design and creative sectors. We believe that it is equally important to bring global businesses to New Zealand as to take New Zealand businesses to the world.

Education Services

In 2016, Endeavour Capital founded Endeavour Education Services Limited,  a New Zealand based premium education services company that provides high quality advice and services to students, institutions and businesses across Australia and NZ.

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