Leading private equity company

Endeavour Capital Limited is a leading international business advisory and private equity company, investing predominantly in companies that can demonstrate defensible IP and sustainability, with an opportunity for social impact investment.

The IP will usually be based on know-how and/or science and technology; with a requirement for significant follow-on capital beyond the capacity and policies of angel investors and many of the venture capital funds.

As economies recover, with predictions to continue to grow at an accelerated rate over the next few years, one of the main drivers will be the substantial contribution being made by medium sized companies. However, when these companies grow, while capturing additional potential, existing capital resources can be stretched and in some cases become a barrier to strategic growth initiatives. The trick for many economies is to ensure that these companies continue their growth momentum and that sufficient capital is available to support such growth.

Our operating model is unique in that we lock together a complete business advisory and governance package covering every aspect of a company’s operation in order to support its strategic growth ambitions and increase shareholder value.

In principle we are a high level “one stop” shop for growth minded companies. Within our business model we provide the following services:

  • high level exploratory advisory services covering all aspects of a business’s operation
  • strategic planning, including financial modelling, operational economics and shareholder strategies
  • board governance audits and reviews
  • international marketing opportunities via our off shore offices in Europe, USA and China.
  • providing capital funds using various financial instruments
  • risk sharing by taking a shareholding in companies
  • strategic, marketing and management on-going support

These business advisory and consulting services are provided by our partners and advisors who bring together a unique blend of skills and knowledge, combining top management and governance expertise, the wisdom of experience, a proven track record of achievement (“been there and done it”), and extensive global networks at both government and enterprise levels.

One of the key factors we maintain with all our clients is the principle of working with them and for them, focused entirely on increasing their operational performance and their shareholders wealth.

Activity areas also involve working with Government agencies/Crown companies, private business and investors to develop tailored programmes that combine and align the social aims of Government with the commercial goals of business.

By means of ‘invest, grow and exit’ Endeavour Capital seeks to maximise shareholder value.